Welcome to my private web page. I am both an academic – currently a researcher at the Polish-German Research Institute in Collegium Polonicum in Słubice – and a practitioner, working as a Polish notary in Słubice. Polish notaries are civil law notaries.

I have studied law at the Warsaw University, received my Master degree (magister) in Polish law at the Adam Mickiewicz University, as well as my L.L.M. degree at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder). My doctor thesis in international succession law was written in German and supervised by professor Dieter Martiny. The German doctor degree (Doktor der Rechte) was obtained 2012 at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder). More biographical details are available here.

My professional training as a notary included a 2,5 year training period at the Notarial Chamber in Wrocław and the bar exam in November 2013. Since than I have been working as a deputy notary in Słubice at the Polish-German border.

My main fields of academic interests are private international law, international civil procedure and succession law. The list of publications is available here. As a notary I deal with the whole spectrum of Polish private law, especially with property law, matrimonial property law and contract law, as well as with some areas of tax law.

A significant part of my time is devoted to training Polish judges and notaries in private international law and succession law. Currently the professional training of practitioners concerns mostly the EU succession regulation and its application in Poland. I have also been invited as a speaker to conferences, both academic and for practitioners.

My academic interests cover the application of foreign law. In this field I train Polish judges and I frequently prepare opinions as a court expert on foreign law in Polish court proceedings.

Dr. iur. Martin Margonski, LL.M.